FCPS Staff Request Funds and Resources at BOE Budget Hearing

The board expects to approve the budget request on February 12.

Frederick, MD – The Frederick County Board of Education held a public hearing Wednesday night, seeking public comment on their requested budget for fiscal year 2021.

According to the BOE’s presentation, the FY2021 Operating Budget’s total expenditures is $680.1 million which is a 6.7% increase from last year.

“Our total revenues are projected at $652 million,” Budget Officer of FCPS Fiscal Services Heather Clabaugh said. “Which creates a variance of $28 million.”

Clabaugh said they also plan to request an additional $6.3 million.

Summary from the BOE’s Budget Presentation


Those that gave comment at the hearing made requests to increase school resources which included competitive salaries for teachers.

“Without having competitive salaries in this time of teacher shortages, we are not able to hire teachers,” Frederick County Teachers Association President Missy Dirks said. “Let alone the most qualified.”

According to the proposed budget, $10 million will go towards enrollment and growth and $8.8 million will be put towards the Salary Resource Pool, which the board said is subject to negotiations.

The presentation estimates 45,058 students will be enrolled this September, an increase of 1,406 students from FY2020.

Urbana Elementary School Teacher Karen Wills gave comment and said many new teachers entering the work force are choosing to work in areas like Montgomery County because of their better salaries.

“We could be even better and stronger if we could recruit the best of the best,” Wills said. “But those kids have choices and many choose where the money is.”

The Board of Education is expected to approve the budget request on Wednesday, February 12. It will be sent to the County Executive who will hold her own hearing on the spending plan on March 23.

The proposed budget can be found https://www.fcps.org/about/our-budget

By Timothy Young