Frederick City Alderman Adds New Department, Removes Action Agency Director Position

The amendment was approved unanimously.

Frederick, MD – Mayor Michael O’Connor received approval from the Board of Alderman Thursday evening for the establishment of the Department of Housing and Human Services and the removal of the director position at the Frederick Community Action Agency.

O’Connor said they will create a director position to for the new department that will also oversee the FCAA and be in charge of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.

The new department was described as an integration to create a collaborative direction in the way they administer their services.

“This proposal is intended to help the city make an important step forward in creating a city that works for everyone at all levels of our economic ladder,” O’Connor said. “[Providing] opportunity and security to residents as individuals, to neighborhoods and to our business community.”

O’Connor said the new department will serve as an enhanced resource for the community.

“There’s an opportunity for us today,” O’Connor said. “To elevate the work of human services and housing by creating an overarching umbrella of leadership and collaboration.”

With the removal of the director position at the FCAA, O’Connor said the two current assistant directors will stay with the department.

“The Frederick Community Action Agency is not going anywhere,” O’Connor said. “… This, in no way, is or should be seen as some sort of diminishment of the work that the Community Action Agency does.”

The aldermen voted 5-0 in favor of the amendment.

The new position at the department will be posted for hire with an already formed search committee to design the interview process.

Janet Jones is the current acting Director of the FCAA, recently replacing Mike Spurrier who has let go in October.

By TImothy Young