GoFundMe Set up For Coast Guard Killed in Crash

His daughter was injured in the collision.

Middletown, MD – A GoFundMe has been started for a Middletown man that died after an accident on Rt 15 on Monday evening.

31-year-old Arik Knapp was driving on Rt 15 and tried to cross into the southbound lane, attempting to go onto Mountville Rd his car was struck by another vehicle traveling southbound.

According to the fundraiser page, Knapp was airlifted to a hospital and treated for internal bleeding, a head laceration, brain damage, and other injuries. He passed away at the hospital.

His daughter was also in the car and was taken to a children’s hospital in D.C. to be treated for various broken bones and other injuries.

Knapp served in the United States Coast Guard and was an active reservist out of Sector Delaware Bay.

The GoFundMe can be found at https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-for-the-knapp-family

By Timothy Young