Nazi Flag Found On Display At T.J High

It was noticed by those attending a high school basketball game Friday night.


Frederick, Md (KM) A Nazi flag was found in a window at Governor Thomas Johnson High School Friday night.

Frederick County Board of Education President Brad Young says individuals attending a basketball noticed the flag. He says he received an e-mail around 8:00 PM on Friday, including a picture of the flag. Young says he ordered it removed, and it has been taken down.

He says not all the details are in, but it’s assumed that a teacher was using the Nazi flag as part of lesson on World War II. Young says the incident will be investigated so it doesn’t happen again.

As for whether the teacher will be disciplined, if it was a teacher who put up the flag, Young says he couldn’t comment. But he calls the incident “inappropriate” and “misguided,” and any disciplinary action will be taken by the Superintendent and her staff.

He says many teachers use “hands-on” methods to instruct students, including dressing up in costumes. Young says he won’t criticize the teacher who put up the Nazi flag, but said that the teacher used “poor judgment” in displaying the flag.

Pictures of the Nazi flag can be found in history books and documentaries about the rise of Adolph Hitler in Germany and World War II.



By Kevin McManus