MS-13 Gang Member Sentenced For Frederick Murder

The gang member was associated with murders in Frederick and Wheaton

Frederick, Md. (DG) – The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Maryland has sentenced an MS-13 gang member associated with murders that happened in Frederick and Wheaton in 2015 to 32 years in federal prison.

Authorities say on April 7, 2015, a man was spotted by MS-13 members at a restaurant in Frederick. They thought the man was a member of a rival gang and called 29-year-old Carlos Brizuela.

The gang members wanted to confirm if they should kill the man, and Brizuela gave them approval. The victim was killed and buried in the woods nearby.

Brizuela admitted he and fellow gang members killed another man because they saw the victim wearing Nike Cortez sneakers at a Dunkin Donuts in Wheaton on August 31, 2015.

Brizuela previously warned the victim not to wear those sneakers because they are only worn by gang members. The victim spit on one of the gang members and was punched in the mouth. The victim threw a beer at Brizuela and ran. The gang members chased the victim and stabbed him to death.

Brizuela was sentenced on a federal racketeering charge related to his participation in a violent racketeering conspiracy including two murders, two attempted murders, and kidnapping.