General Assembly Holds Kirwan Commission Hearing

It would cost nearly $4 billion a year.

Annapolis, MD – Maryland lawmakers met in Annapolis Monday for a public hearing on recommendations for the Kirwan Commission.

Frederick County Delegate Carol Krimm said she thinks the commission, also known as the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, will move forward within the next few weeks.

“We voted the public school construction bill out of the house on Friday,” Krimm said. “And now that bill goes over to the senate for consideration.”

Krimm said the bill known as HB 1 would allocate $2.2 billion for public school constructions on top of funds already appropriate by the counties.

Krimm said the extra funds would help counties catch up on their back log of construction projects.

The recommendations of the Kirwan Commission  to improve public schools are estimated to cost approximately $4 billion a year.

By Timothy Young