Senator Hough Sponsors Truthful Advertising Bill for Auto Dealers

It would allow dealers to advertise their own desired prices.

Annapolis, MD – Maryland is six weeks into the 2020 General Assembly with legislation being discussed and passed through committees.

State Senator Michael Hough said he had legislation pass the senate last week with one regulating advertising for auto dealerships.

“Many consumers don’t know that the auto manufacturers will require dealers to advertise a car for a minimum price,” Hough said. “But this minimum price can often be thousands of dollars above what a dealer is willing to actually sell the car for.”

Hough said the new regulation would allow dealers to advertise their own desired prices instead of the prices mandated by the manufacturers.

“Unfortunately it’s needed,” Hough said. “Because the manufacturers have been basically punishing and forcing dealers to advertise cars for more expensive than they want to.”

Hough said the legislation will make it easier for both auto dealers and customers to handle the sale of vehicles without misleading prices.

The bill passed the senate unanimously and a hearing for the bill is scheduled for March 3.

By Timothy Young