A Ft. Detrick Lab Is One Of Many Working On Coronavirus Vaccine

Coming up with a vaccine could take up to 18 months.


Washington DC (KM) One of the labs at Fort Detrick in Frederick is one of several military facilities conducting research on the coronavirus, and helping to develop a vaccine. That’s according to US Department of Defenses officials who briefed reporters on Monday at the Pentagon.

“Our military research labs are working feverishly around the horn here to come up with a vaccine. Se we’ll see how that develops over the next couple of months,” says Joint Chiefs  of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley, who spoke to reporters at the Pentagon, according The Hill newspaper.

US health officials say it could take a year to 18-months to come up with a vaccine, the Hill reported.

Milley stressed that US government military laboratories are “working very consistently, not only on that vaccine, but all kinds of things” and the labs are “working in direct  support with health and human services,” according to the Hill.

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper told  reporters that one of those labs was located at Fort Detrick in Frederick.

In the United States, the coronavirus has killed six people, all of them in Washington state. The virus has been detected in 11 states.


By Kevin McManus