Md. Court Houses To Be Closed To The Public Beginning On Monday

But they will remain open and functioning.



Annapolis, Md (KM) State Courts in Maryland will be closed to the public for three weeks beginning on Monday, March 16th due to the coronavirus emergency. But the court houses themselves will remain open.

Court of Appeal Chief Judge Mary Ellen Barbera says Judiciary operations will continue, and court personnel are required to report to work. “We will continue to provide access to justice while balancing that mission with the health and safety needs of Marylanders and Judiciary [personnel during this emergency,” she said in a statement. .

Judge Barbera said the courts were being closed to the public to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

She says the courts will be staffed to handle emergency matters such as domestic violence petitions, bail reviews, juvenile detention, shelter hearings and search warrants. Judges are encouraged to conduct legal proceedings electronically where possible.

Judge Barbera says this action is being taken to reduce the number of people in court houses who could spread or contract COVID-19.

Earlier this week, she ordered jury trials suspended from March 16th through April 3rd.



By Kevin McManus