Frederick County Records Its First Coronavirus Case

It’s someone who has  not travel abroad.


Frederick, Md (KM). The first case of coronavirus has come to Frederick County. During a news briefing on Monday, Health Officer Dr. Barbara Brookmyer announced that the patient is a woman in her 30’s who has not traveled overseas recently, but has come into contact with people who did travel to an area where the virus is active.

“The Health Department will be following up  with the patient; and will be following up on any  close contacts that she may have had in order to talk with those individuals  to discuss with them their particular situations, and any particular risk they may have,” Dr. Brookmyer said.

“If we find out that  she have had significant contact with others in a more public setting, then that would be a reason why we would potentially come back out  if we needed to notify the general public that they may have come in contact with somebody who may have been infectious and it may have been close contact,” she says.

Right now, Dr. Brookmyer says the patient did not need to be hospitalized, and is recovering at home.

Citizens are urged to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus through frequent handwashing, and practicing social distancing techniques. They should also realize that it isn’t just people over 60 who are most susceptible to COVID-19. “Persons in their 30’s are not immune. Person who are younger, people who are healthy are not immune,:” Dr. Brookmyer says.


By Kevin McManus