Governor Orders Malls,Entertainment Venues Closed Following First Coronavirus Death In Md.

He’s also prohibiting  gatherings of more than 10 people



Annapolis, Md (KM) Some strong actions were taken Thursday by Governor Larry Hogan following the first coronavirus death in Maryland.

During a news conference in Annapolis, the State’s Chief Executive announced additional restrictions on the number of people meeting in one location. “Following updated CDC guidelines, today we have amended our previous executive order to prohibit any events of more than 10 people in close proximity at all locations, establishments and venues anywhere across Maryland,” he said.

Earlier this week, Governor Hogan issued an executive order prohibiting gatherings of more than 50 people in close proximity.

He also announced that a number of retail establishments will be closed. “We have jointly made the decision to close all enclosed shopping malls and entertainment venues across Maryland,” Hogan said.

Visitors to BWI Airport will be limited to passengers,  and employees with I.D. badges. The Governor says the only exception will be individuals helping those who have disabilities .

He’s also urging use of public transit, such as MARC and METRO, be limited to essential travel only. “No one should get on a MARC train, METRO, AMTRAK train, bus or any of our transportation assets unless you are an emergency personnel, front line health care provider, or your job is essential to the supply chain,” the Governor says.

As Chairman of the National Governors’ Association, Hogan says he and his fellow governors will be making five requests to the President and Congress to help in the fight against COVID-19.

1. Dedicate at least 50% of the supplemental funding to the states, including direct funding, and act quickly on waiver requests.
2. Increase access to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), masks, test kits, extraction kits, and accelerating the production of life-saving equipment such as ventilators.
3. Support Title 32 authorization to give governors maximum flexibility for use of the National Guard.
4. Provide guidance on implementation of the  Defense Production Act to include what health and medical resources Secretary of State Alex Azar is prioritizing under his authority.
5. Allow more time and flexibility for completion of both the Census and transition to REAL ID.

“This fight against this global pandemic is a race against time and we must take action. We cannot afford to delay,” says the Governor. “Which is why here in Maryland I am continuing to take whatever actions are necessary to protect millions of Marylanders and thousands of live.”

The state’s first death from the coronavirus was a Prince George’s County man in his 60’s who had an underlying medical condition.

During his news conference, Governor Hogan said so far there have been 107 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Maryland, including a five-year-old girl in Howard County.



By Kevin McManus