Local Election Offices Waiting For Instructions From State Election Board Following Primary Day Change

The Governor ordered the Primary take place on June 2nd, not April 28th, due to coronavirus emergency.


Frederick, Md (KM) The decision by the Governor to postpone Maryland’s Primary Election due to the coronavirus means local  offices must throw out their current election calendars. That’s according to Frederick County Election  Director Stuart Harvey.

He says his office is waiting for a plan from the Maryland State Board of Elections to hold the Primary on June 2nd. “Our election judge training obviously was halted, and has been halted because of the coronavirus,” he says. “We hope to pick that up again next month.”

Governor Larry Hogan says his reasons for changing the Primary Election day was due to the coronavirus. He noted that there is a concern about 50 people or more  in close proximity gathering in one place, which could spread COVID-19. He also noted that many poll workers are retired, and seniors are more susceptible to the coronavirus.  As part of his proclamation changing the date, Governor Hogan has tasked the State of Elections to come up with a plan to guard the public’s health and safety while allowing citizens to vote.

Harvey says he has a concern about whether the polling places set aside for  April 28th will be available on June 2nd. “Most of them are schools so I’m just waiting to hear back at this point from Frederick County Public Schools,” he says.

And then there are a number of  private locations. “Because we had some 20-odd private locations all lined up for April 28th, we need to make sure they are available for June the second,” says Harvey.

He says citizens also have the option to cast their ballots by mail. “If you do plan to go on election day, there will be hand sanitizer at the polling locations, and the state is doing what they can to make sure that they get the necessary sanitary wipes to wipe down election equipment on a regular basis inside the polling places,” says Harvey.

He also says there will be early voting. “If there is in-person voting, there will be early voting. Those dates will be determined again in consultations with the state board, the local board and the Governor’s Office,” he says..

If you want to cast your ballot by mail, go on line to https://www.elections.maryland.gov, and click on “Request a ballot” box. To obtain a request form, go to elections.marland.gov/voting/absenttee.html.


By Kevin McManus