Washington County Landfills to Restrict Dumping Because of COVID-19

They report large numbers of people dropping off.

Hagerstown, MD – Washington County is restricting the type of waste the community can drop off at the local landfill.

Washington County’s Director of Environmental Management Jeremy Mose said the public should only bring regular household trash to the landfill.

“A lot of people are doing their spring cleaning right now and bringing non-perishable stuff out to the landfill,” Mose said. “In doing so, they’re creating more of a hazard out at the landfill either by not staying home and there’s more interactions with our employees because of this.”

Mose said all large, bulk item and yard waste drop-offs should remain at a minimum until the coronavirus pandemic has subsided.

Hagerstown City Engineer Rodney Tissue said waste collection will continue, but will also see restrictions on the type of trash they will collect.

“Solid waste collection whether that be trash, recycling or yard waste, we see that as an absolute core service that we provide to the community and an essential service therefore,” Tissue said. “So the collection of solid waste is going to continue and we are working with our contractor waste management to make sure that it’s as seamless as possible.”

Tissue said the city will continue to collect trash but workers will no longer pick up loose items not in a container or bag

“In other words,” Tissue said. “everything you put out: whether its garbage, recylables, or yard waste has to be either in a container or an appropriate bag.”

The policy will reduce the amount of contact employees will have with any items that may have come in contact with the coronavirus.

By Timothy Young