County Council To Meet Next Week

Officials say it will be a virtual meeting because of the coronavirus emergency.


Frederick, Md (KM) The Frederick County Council will meet next week, but it will be a virtual meeting. Officials say the meeting on Tuesday, April 7th. will have a light agenda. consisting of budget adjustments.

The last meeting the Council had was on March 17th, where the board approved legislation to increase the recordation tax rate. Since then, meetings by the Council have been canceled as a way to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. An executive order issued by the Governor prohibits gatherings  of more than ten people.

Council staff has been working with the Interagency Information Technologies Division, The County¬† Attorney’s office, and the Director of Communications¬† in developing on-line meetings during the global coronavirus pandemic.

Council President M.C. Keegan-Ayer says this meeting will allow Council members, staff and the public to become familiar with this new process.

She says in the future, the county will hold meetings at Winchester Hall which allow public participation when the coronavirus danger has subsided. “It’s my intention to schedule public meetings again as soon as Winchester Hall is deemed safe and reopens for business,” Keegan-Ayer says. “The safety of Frederick County is of the utmost importance at this time.”


By Kevin McManus