GOP Takes Issue With Calls By Democrats To Close Gun Shops During Coronavirus Emergency

They say they’re using this emergency to further their ‘radical’  agenda.


Frederick, Md (KM) There’s a debate over guns in Maryland during the coronavirus emergency.

Several Democrats in the General Assembly have written a letter to the Governor Larry Hogan, asking him to close gun stores during the coronavirus pandemic. “The ability of gun stores to remain open during this pandemic is worrisome for many Marylanders,” the letter said.

The letter also says guns are not essential to getting through this pandemic, and they do not make people safer. In addition, the Democrats say at this time, guns are only hurting vulnerable populations, victims of domestic violence, and those prone to suicide. “Marylanders are home, tensions are high, every Marylander is eager to save lives,” the letter says. “However, gun stores remain open creating fear for our most vulnerable population.”

Frederick County State Senator Michael Hough (R) calls this an attack on the 2nd Amendment. “The Maryland Democrats’ apparently their plan in dealing with this crisis is to open up prisons, stop prosecuting criminals and not allowing law-abiding citizens to defend themselves by having firearms” he said on a recent appearance on WFMD”s “Mid-Maryland Live.”

He also said guns are essential to some people in Maryland. “If you’re a farmer, having a firearm is essential, having ammunition is essential. You have to be able to protect your livestock. If you get a coyote, or you get something coming up t attack your livestock,” says Senator Hough.

In the strongest of terms, he said ideology is behind this request by the Democrats. “They have a radical left agenda, and they’re using this crisis to push that agenda,” Hough says.

In their letter, the Democrats called the increased sale of guns in recent weeks “disturbing.” “Marylanders need to be encouraged to fight this pandemic with hygiene and social distancing rather than guns,” the letter said.

The Governor’s Office says federal guidelines expressly designate gun stores as a essential, and the Governor is adhering to federal guidelines when he’s issuing these orders.



By  Kevin McManus