Marriage Counselors Encourage Self-Care and Mindfulness during self-isolation

They encourage thinking outside the box for activities to break the monotony.

Hagerstown, MD – Having a significant other to wait out the COVID-19 pandemic can be beneficial, but can also create conflict and stress as the days go by.

The CDC reports social distancing can have a negative effect on a person’s mental health and to take steps to promote self-care.

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Dr. Kimberly Rowe said people facing self isolation could face growing anxiety even if they’re with a loved one and family.

“I’m finding that a lot of people; a lot of adults and a lot of couples are really struggling with the alone time in order to practice self care,” Rowe said. “Especially if they have children at home.”

Rowe is encouraging people to practice mindfulness and to take the time to enjoy the outside if possible while also following social distance protocols.

For couples, Rowe said finding activities and projects to work on can break the monotony of being stuck at home and can help distract from constantly having to think about the pandemic.

“[Try] to at least once daily just do something silly and fun,” Rowe said. “To kind of break that anxiety rise.”

By Timothy Young