Foster Care Services Changing Policies Because of COVID-19

Visitations and foster family check-ins are now moving to digital platforms.

Martinsburg, WV – Foster care services are having to change their visitation and check in policies as COVID-19 regulations are encouraging social distancing.
The Board of Child Care foster care program serves the Maryland, Pennsylvania West Virginia areas and is finding ways of following CDC guidelines while also maintaining the safety and security of their foster families.
Kristian Sekse at the Board of Child Care said their organization has had to utilize video calls instead of performing face-to-face check-ins with their foster families.
“This is of course tough,” Sekse said. “But we think that we’re still putting the face time in with the children; still checking in on our parents regularly.”
Sekse said foster care locations in Maryland are following the same guidelines of campuses like the University of Maryland which now restrict all outside visitors.
“There’s really a wide range of policies and actions we’re trying to take as a provider,” Sekse said. “To balance the best need of the kids in our care; to balance the safety or our staff, but also maintain that crucial engagement with their families and support network”.
The Board of Child Care is facing shortages of Personal Protective Equipment for their healthcare workers and is accepting donations of masks and gowns for treating youth.
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