TransIT Riders Must Wear Masks Or Other Facial Covering Before Boarding Buses

The agency says it’s meant to stop the spread of the coronavirus.


Frederick,, Md (KM) In order to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, TransIT of Frederick County says it will require all passengers boarding its buses to wear a mask or some form of facial covering. That requirement begins on Thursday.

The agency says the mask or facial covering can be a surgical mask, a homemade mask, a scarf or piece of clothing used to cover the mouth or the nose.

Anyone not wearing a mask or facial covering will be denied service by TransIT.

In a news release, TransIT also reminds citizens to use the buses for essential travel only, such as going to work, hospitals, health care appointments, pharmacies, grocery stores or food banks, provide care for family members and other similar trips, By reducing unnecessary travel, TransIT says buses become much safer for those who depend on it, like healthcare workers, and those who operate the buses.

For more information on TransIT’s plans in response to COVID-19, and TransIT services available in Frederick County, go on line to, or call 301-600-2065.



By Kevin McManus