Local Democratic Elected Official Explains Signing Of Letter Calling For Gun Store Closures During COVID-19 Pandemic

She says guns cannot fight the coronavirus.


Frederick, Md (KM) One of the Democratic legislators who signed a letter sent to Governor Larry Hogan asking that he order gun stores to close during the coronavirus pandemic is Frederick County Delegate Karen Lewis Young. She says allowing these stores to stay open is not necessary when the state is  facing this type of an emergency. “There’s been stories of long lines at gun shops. And that’s just not safe now,” she says. “I don’t see that gun stores are necessarily an essential business>”

When he issued his executive order closing non-essential businesses, gun stores were listed as essential, along with grocery stores, pharmacies and auto repair shops.

Delegate Young said those people lining up in front of gun stores to purchase weapons appear to be stockpiling. “If people are stockpiling, which they are, there’s an indication of paranoia and perhaps panic. That concerns me. You can’t fight the coronavirus with a gun. That isn’t going to do you any good,” she says.

In addition, Young says this increase in firearms puts  a lot of vulnerable populations in danger. “At this vulnerable times, when people are on edge, they’re confined to their homes, this  leads to a domestic violence spike, suicide spike,” she says.

Gun rights supporters say letters like these promote an anti-Second Amendment agenda. Delegate Young takes issue with that. “The First Amendment gives us the right to assemble. And we’ve put that aside for the safety of our constituents,”: she replies

Those opposed to this request also say people who live in rural areas need guns for personal protection since law enforcement resources  are limited, and they need firearms to protect their livestock for predatory animals. “People who live in rural areas have guns already,” she responds “What’s happening is stockpiling and paranoia. And this is something totally different. This is not business as usual.”

During an appearance recently on WFMD’s “Mid-Maryland Live,” State Senator Michael Hough (R) said this letter is part of a radical agenda being pushed by the left. Delegate Young disputes. that. “Anyone that’s trying  to politicize this issue of keeping a business open that isn’t necessary: I think that’s the radical agenda,” she responds

Delegate Young says if gun stores have to be open during the coronavirus pandemic, it should be by appointment only for customers who want to purchase firearms.


By Kevin McManus