Frederick Health Hospice Offers Virtual Grief Support

Residents can attend sessions through the Zoom platform.



Frederick, Md (KM) During these days of the coronavirus emergency, there are many things being done virtually, and that includes grief support for individuals who’ve lost family and friends. Since April 6th, the Frederick Health Hospice has been offering a virtual grief support group. “When we started working from home, we really wanted to find ways to think outside the box, and see how we could still provide multi-faceted support even without being able to meet face to face with people,” says Kaili Van Waveren, a grief counselor with Frederick Health Hospice.

Even though this is not an in-person counseling session, Van Waveren days these virtual support groups can be very effective in helping people get over the loss of a loved-one. “We find that we’re still able to provide robust, comprehensive support to people during this time through phone counseling sessions. And we’re also using some virtual platforms to be able to do video grief counseling support,” she says.

The group sessions are offered through the Zoom platform, and take place Monday through Thursday at different times each day. To register for these sessions. go to You will receive a password that allows you to participate.

Van Waveren says she and her follow counselors are starting to receive calls from people whose family members are friends died from COVID-19. “Whether it was they weren’t able to say goodbye in person, or there were restrictions placed on their ability to have a funeral or other memorial service,” she says.

She says the Hospice is expected to get more of these calls in the future, including some from people who think the death of their family member or friends from COVID-19  is “unfair.” “I think it is unfair,” Van Waveren replied. “I think that this is a completely unprecedented situation, and that it feels very surreal, and that it’s frightening.”

In addition to the virtual groups, the Frederick Health Hospice offers an on line forum called the Frederick Grief Support Network, which is a safe place where people can go to express themselves and share their grief and emotions without fear of judgement.

For more information on these and other Hospice services, call 240-566-3030.


By Kevin McManus