Maryland Receiving 500,000 COVID-19 Test Kits From South Korea

These kits were delivered on Saturday . by a Korean Air passenger jet.

Annapolis, Md (KM)  Maryland has received a half-million  COVID-19 test kits from South Korea. The supply arrived on Saturday at BWI Airport .”which will now give Maryland the capability of performing a  half-million coronavirus  tests,” said Governor Larry Hogan, who made that announced on Monday afternoon  during a news conference outside of the State House in Annapolis.  His wife and First Lady, Yumi, was beside  him, along with the US, Korean and Maryland State flags in the background.

“The 500,000 test capacity,  which we have just acquired, is equal to the total amount of testing which has been completed  by four of the five top states in America, combined,” said Hogan.

The Governor credited his wife, Yumi, who is Korean-American, with assistance in helping to get these test kits. They both spoke to the South Korean Ambassador on Saturday, March 28th.    “We spoke of the special relationship between Maryland the Republican of Korea, and we made a personal plea in Korean asking for their assistance,” he said.

“That call set in motion 22 straight  days of vetting, testing, negotiations and protocols between our scientists, doctors, eight Maryland state government agencies and our counterparts in Korea,” said Hogan.

The test kits are manufactured by a company called Lab Genomics.  “I want to sincerely thank our Korean partners for assisting us in our fight against this common, hidden enemy,” The Governor said.

He said these test kits are estimated to cost $9-million.  “We announced about a week ago that we potentially might lose $2.8-billion by July 1st in revenue.  So $9-million to keep hundreds of thousands of people safe and protect thousand of  lives and get our economy back on track seems like a worthwhile investment,” the Governor said.

Hogan also says the use of these test kits will be starting immediately.

The whole process is called Operation Enduring Friendship.



By Kevin McManus