Ballots For June 2nd Primary Expected To Be Mailed Out Beginning In May

Residents will have the chance to make their choices and mail the ballot to the local Elections Office.


Frederick, Md (KM) During the month of May, residents who are registered voters will begin receiving their ballots in the mail. for the Maryland Primary Election scheduled for June 2nd. For those registered Democrat or Republican, their ballots will contain the list of both parties’ Presidential Candidates, as well as the Democratic and Republican candidates for the 6th and 8th Congressional Districts. They will also include  candidates running for the Board of Education. Those who are not registered with either party will only vote for School Board candidates.

Frederick County Election Director Stuart Harvey says residents should fill them out and place them in their mailboxes before June 2nd.

The Maryland Primary Election of 2020 is being done mostly by mail to stop the spread of the coronavirus which could infect large numbers of people standing in line to vote at local polling centers. Harvey says Frederick County will have two in-person polling stations at the William R. Talley Recreation Center at 121 North Bentz Street in Frederick, and Urbana Library, 9020 Amelung Street. They will be open from 7:00 AM until 8:00 PM on Tuesday, June 2nd.

“These are principally being open for folks with disabilities who cannot vote unassisted, or  people who no fixed address and need a place to go,” says Harvey.

But he says it’s better to vote by mail. :”It’s the safest way to vote, says Harvey.

In addition to mailing in their ballots, citizens can also drop them off at three drop centers around Frederick County. They’re located the Frederick County Board of Elections at 340A Montevue Lane; The Talley Recreation Center and Urbana Library.

Harvey says counting will begin when the ballots arrive. “Because we’re dealing with a mail ballot, we’re actually going to begin processing the ballots before June 2nd because we certainly expect a lot of those ballots to come back before Election Day,” he says.

And just as in past years, Harvey says the results will be released on Election Night. “Ballots that have been processed up until June 2nd, as well as the results of the two vote centers, will be released that evening after  8:00,” he says.

It’s uncertain how successful voting by mail will be in Frederick County, but Harvey notes it went smoothly recently in Middletown. “They had their highest voter turnout in 27 years. Their voter turnout was a little over 30% for their municipal election,” he said. “So I don’t know if that will be a precursor for what we’re going to see on June 2nd, but we’ll have to wait and see.”


By Kevin McManus