Citizens Rally To Reopen Maryland

They want businesses, churches, other organizations to resume operations.


Frederick, Md (KM) A large number of people gathered at the FSK  Mall  in Frederick on Saturday for a rally asking Governor Larry Hogan to reopen the state of Maryland. The state’s chief executive issued an executive requiring the closure of non-essential businesses, associations  and other organizations to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. That’s meant a lot of companies have closed, leaving several people without jobs.

Kelly was one person who took part. “We need the Governor to open the state. It’s affect everybody’s paycheck. I lost my job from day one,” she says. “It’s affecting my mental health. There’s some days I’m just paralyzed because I can’t really do anything, just fearful   My doctor says he’s seeing that a lot.   A lot of people don’t know what to do.”

Natalie had similar comments. “I feel like the Governor is only focused on essential employees. He’s not addressing the concerns. We sent multiple correspondence through Reopen Maryland. He ignores us. Citizens are constantly reaching out to him, and he has no  plan for non-essentials  to get back to work. In my eyes, we’re all essential and we all deserve a paycheck,” she said. Natalie says  she’s  is a travel specialist.

The rally was organized by a citizens group called Reopen Maryland. Tim Walters is one of the co-founders. “Who gets to decide whose essential,” he asked. “Is it the autistic child who no longer has the rigor of school and lost all the gains they’ve had over the years? Is it the veteran who can’t get his treatment and go to his support group? Is it the alcoholic? And yet he can go to a liquor store. What about the churches?”

Frederick County Delegate Dan Cox (R) was schedule to speak, but he couldn’t attend. One of his staffers, Sally Taylor, said the Delegate was told by a state law enforcement official that he attended, he could be arrested “This is something he did look forward to coming to do He has been diligently working on trying to get the Governor to loosen up some of the illogical restrictions he’s placed on the people of Maryland,” she said.

Kelly says she’s not surprised at the number of people who turned out for the rally. “Because I think everybody is mad and they’re done and they’re ready to go back to work and they’re ready to feed their families,” she said. “It’s all over Facebook. And people are just mad, angry  So I’m not surprised at all.”

The plan was for citizens to start their rally in Frederick, and then travel to Kent Island, ending up the Centre in Salisbury, where Congressman Andy Harris (R) was scheduled to speak at around 2:30 PM.



By Kevin McManus