Hundreds Gathered At FSK Mall For Reopen Maryland Rally – Delegate Cox Threatened With Arrest

A senoir law eneforcement official told Delegate Cox he would be arrested if he spoke at today’s rally

Frederick, Md. (DG) – Hundreds of people gathered at the FSK Mall Saturday morning for a rally held by local activists asking Governor Larry Hogan to reopen the state of Maryland amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Delegate Dan Cox was scheduled to speak at the rally, but told WFMD News that he was threatened with arrest if he spoke.

“ I was informed by senior law enforcement that I could be arrested for violating the Governor’s orders if I spoke today,” Cox said. “ I’m working on seeking injunctive relief so I can be permitted to speak as a Legislator without inference of threat of arrest.”

The rally started at the FSK Mall and participants were driving to Kent Island as a show of solidarity for reopening the state.

Reopen Maryland is a grassroots, nonpartisan group representing over 22,000 Marylanders. They say they’re advocating for Maryland families and businesses that are feeling the effect upon their civil rights with the shut down of nonessential businesses in the state.

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    For more information about #ReopenMaryland go to

    • seanindc

      There should be a warning for that link. Only covidiots need to click.

  • Magnus Taii

    Go Home Non-Essentials!

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    Sig Hogan!

  • Paul Sobus

    At least it’s not Marshall law yet, but if this virus really gets out of hand, we might see Marshall law.

    • happy jack

      Marshall law ??? From Mr Marshall ? You mean MARTIAL law, maybe ??

      • Paul Sobus

        Thanks for the correction.

    • MountainKiddo

      Well, I’m not so sure it is not? The only question about the definition is military forces versus police forces. In my opinion it doesn’t matter! It is the force using guns to enforce codes which are not the law. I would consider the state of MD to be under martial law. Maybe a court wouldn’t but I do!

  • MountainKiddo

    You can also visit End The Lockdown-Maryland, another nonpartisan grassroots protesting effort which supports our Constitutional rights as citizens and protests those constitutional violations by embracing & executing our rights as citizens. We don’t wear masks when we protest, we don’t distance, and we protest the closure of business, and martial law that has been placed on us by the tyrannist governor.

    • Peace Maker

      I just want to make sure that the rights you speak of are God given and protected by OUR Rule of Law, via the U.S. and Maryland Constitutions.

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    Heil Hogan!

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      This meme brought to you by a socialist moon bat

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    The straw that broke the camels back!!! Well done Cox, Reopen MD and all others. He’s going down. Yeah! We be opening!!

  • Whatever

    Why the eastern shore?

  • Whatever

    What law enforcement agency threatened you? And who was the high ranking official?

  • Steven R Berryman

    Lockdown Larry Hogan was quoted on a CNN Sunday Cable show (grandstander) as saying only 24 citizens showed up in Salisbury. Is that true? Also heard that State Police blocked off public parking in Salisbury in an attempt to squelch free speech in Maryland, is that true? Are we a state run by militant liars?