Maryland Sued Over Coronavirus Stay-At-Home Orders


The plaintiffs allege that their right to travel, free speech and assembly have been violated

BALTIMORE (AP) – Churches, businesses and several state lawmakers are suing Maryland officials to try to overturn Gov. Larry Hogan’s stay-at-home order and other restrictions aimed at trying to deter the spread of the coronavirus.

A group known as ReOpen Maryland joined Del. Dan Cox in a lawsuit filed Saturday in federal court. The plaintiffs allege that their right to travel, free speech and assembly have been violated. Hogan addressed the protests Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.” He said everyone has the right to protest, but said the number of people who died of the coronavirus in Maryland on Saturday exceeded the number of protesters.

Maryland officials on Sunday reported 26 more deaths since Saturday.

A press release from Del. Dan Cox:

“Today, on behalf of thousands of Marylanders represented by 18 brave Plaintiffs, I regrettably had to file suit to seek to rein in the overreaching of the Governor’s Orders. As a Delegate I have fought hard in my Judiciary Committee for the Governor’s legislative policies, I’ve co-sponsored nearly all his legislation, and I even gave a Floor speech in defense of his budgetary authority which the Left was taking away this Session. However, the line of freedom that the Supreme Court has explained is sacred to our American values and our natural liberty, has been crossed. On behalf of 22,000 Marylanders and millions who agree in this State, it’s past time Mr. Governor to lighten the heavy hand of your Executive Orders and stop picking winners and losers, and Reopen Maryland. Marylanders will not stand for continued house arrest and lock-downs and the destruction of our businesses and way of life.”

We are smart enough to protect the elderly, those in nursing homes and those with vulnerable health conditions while also ensuring that the health and freedom of ALL Maryland is protected. This is not a partisan issue, this is our shared American way of life and we will keep it, so help us God.
Thank you to my colleagues who are standing with me, including Delegates unspoken and those who joined me in this suit, Delegate Warren Miller and Delegate Neil Parrott.