Communtiy Partnership Grants Awarded By County Executive


They’re going 27 local non-profit organizations.


Frederick, Md (KM) Community Partnership Grants were awarded on Thursday to 27 local non-profit organizations in Frederick County.

County Executive Jan Gardner says those grants are being provided to human services agencies which help people reach their potential and share in the community’s prosperity.

The grants total $950,000.

Among the services the grants provide, according to County Executive Gardner, is food for children and seniors, respite service for caretakers of seniors with dementia, home repairs for low income veterans and seniors, job skills and education for homeless youth, and emergency assistance for victims of domestic violence.

Gardner says these services are needed especially with people out of work during the COVID-19 pandemic. “They provide a safety net when people face furloughs and job losses, when health issues or depression may overwhelm them,  or for many other kinds of hardships,” she says. “They help people through tough spots and assist others to reach their full potential.”

She says she initiated this program five years ago “to restore the county’s longstanding productive partnership with our non-profit human service agencies. And I’m very pleased to say that it’s been a great success,” Gardner says.

An independent panel received 46 applications, and selected 30 grants to be awarded to 27 non-profit organizations. They had to meet the needs of one of three categories: housing, seniors and community needs. Funds are awarded for one-time purchases,  ongoing programs or both.

“The Community Partnership Grant program allows us  to serve people more effectively by leveraging our resources, by avoiding duplication of effort and by establishing a strong functional collaboration to meet the human service needs in our community,”: Gardner  says. “Together, we can provide more services to more people and make a bigger difference to people in our community.”

The grants are funded for fiscal year 2021.

Among the non-profits which are receiving grant funding are the Student Homeless Initiative Partnership, the Red Cross, Heartly House, Advocates for Homeless Families, and the Religious Coalition.


By Kevin McManus