County Council To Vote On Property Tax Rate Tues. Evening

Two members support lowering the rate to the constant yield.


Frederick, Md (KM) A vote to set the property tax rate for fiscal year 2021 is expected on Tuesday night by the Frederick County Council. The current rate is $1.06 per $100 of assessed value. It’s been at that level  for several years.

Councilmen Phil Dacey and Steve McKay would like to lower it to the constant yield which is $.10344 per $100 of assessed value. It would bring in $8;5-million less in revenue in fiscal year 2021.

Dacey says with so many residents hurting financially from economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, this would give these citizens a break for their tax bills. He says many of them have less income compared to last year. “This year, especially with the COVID-19 crisis, we’re going to be asking people to pay more of their household share towards property taxes year. It’s unconscionable, frankly,” he said.

Supporters of keeping the tax rate at current level is not a tax increase. But Dacey says anyone whose property values  goes up pays more, even if the current rate of $1.06 per $100 of assessed value remains the same.

The supporters also argue that the county will need the extra revenue to pay for needed services that citizens will demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. “The county has lots of other sources of income,of revenue. Property taxes is just one of them,” Dacey responds.

The vote by the County Council on the property tax rate is expected to take place at a meeting on Tuesday, May 19th beginning at 5:30 PM. The Council is also scheduled to vote on a proposed fiscal year 2021 budget at that meeting.


By Kevin McManus