Some Solid Waste Services Resume At Local Landfill

Residents are required to practice social distancing.


Frederick, Md (KM) Some facilities at the Frederick County Landfill on Reichs Ford Road which were closed to the COVID-19 pandemic have reopened.  The Department of Solid Waste says the transfer station, the yard waste drop off center, the Citizens Convenience Center and the recycling drop off area are open to the public. Normal hours are from 7:00 AM until 4:30 PM, Monday through Saturday.

All customers using these services are required to wear a facial covering or mask, and maintain social distancing which is six–feet apart from other individuals.

The administrative offices are closed to walk-in visitors, and any paid transactions must be completed using a credit card or a check; no cash will be accepted.

The Landfill and its related facilities will be closed on Monday, May 25th in observance of Memorial Day.

For more information, visit the Division of Solid Waste Management website at


By Kevin McManus