Program Air Date: Sunday, May 31st, 2020 – 9am

The Lock Down Tapes #3

Fear versus faith.  Perspective and reality.  Church buildings closed.  Divide over Romans chapter 13.  Quotes for encouragement.  Words of challenge.

During the shutdowns spurred on by the coronavirus outbreak, a series of Faith Debate shows were recorded in April.  They feature comments, arguments, and thoughts first articulated in February and March of 2020.  These shows are intended to stimulate thinking, provide reason for hope, and stand for truth in love.  These episodes might be best considered as “time capsules”, given that the content was developed during the onrushing of the storm (February/March/April) but are airing after much will have changed (May/June).

There is purported to be an ancient curse that says, “May you live in interesting times.”  These times are interesting, indeed.

The panel:

Troy Skinner.  Faith Debate host and Pastor of Living Faith Ministries in Hagerstown, Maryland.

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