Sheriff’s Office Receives Complaints About Puppy Scams

Buyers end up getting scammed, and don’t get the dog they want.

Frederick, Md (KM) Puppy scams have been reported in Frederick County, where customers try to buy their pooch over the internet.

The Sheriff’s Office says its received complaints about dog sellers who tell the victims they need to pay for their canine using gift cards. After they go to a store to purchase hundreds of dollars in gift cards, the victims are instructed to provide the PIN numbers to the seller. Then the purchaser is contacted by an illegitimate transport company which says the victims need to pay for shipping the dogs with gift cards or through money-sharing apps like Paypal, Zelle, Cash APP or Venmo. . Authorities say the puppies never arrive, and the victims have been scammed out of several thousand dollars.

The Sheriff’s Office reminds residents that if someone is demanding you buy gift cards to make a purchase, it’s almost always scam..

If you are interested in having a dog, authorities say do your research and due diligence before taking home a dog from a pet store, animal shelter or rescue organization.


By Kevin McManus