Potomac Edison Brings Back Appliance Recycling Program

It will also include dehumidifiers, freezers and air conditioners.


Williamsport, Md (KM) The very popular appliance recycling program is back. Potomac Edison has had the program for years, but it was suspended on March 18th due to the coronavirus.

Spokesman Will Singer says anyone who wants to recycle an old refrigerator can have it picked up and taken away without cost, and receive a $75 rebate. . But he says it’s not just limited to refrigerators. “You can also a recycle a freezer. And in addition to that, if you  include a working air conditioner or a working dehumidifier, you can receive an additional  $25 on top of the $75 you receive for the refrigerator,” he says

But Singer says the contractor hired to take away the appliances will not come into the home. He says the crews will pick up the appliances if they’re left outside. “Appliances that are located in a garage, in a driveway, on a porch or in a outbuilding, we’ll do that for now so we’re not entering a customer’s home during the pandemic,” he says.

Anyone who has an old but working refrigerator, freezer, dehumidifier or air conditioner can have it taken away by calling 1-888-277-0527, or go on line to www.energysaveMD.com.



By Kevin McManus