Frederick City To Hold Workshop On Its Police Department

It will take place on Wed.. June 24th.


Frederick, Md (KM) The “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations around the nation following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis have put a lot of police departments under scrutiny, especially when it comes to the use of force by officers.

Frederick Mayor Michael O’Connor addressed issue during a news briefing on Wednesday. He said the Frederick Police Department is transparent when it comes to its policies and practices. He said officers use de-escalation to try a defuse a  tense situation, and there are prohibitions against chokeholds and stangleholds, and shooting at moving vehicles.

“The FPD does not own military grade vehicles, and only utilizes  our riot gear in unique situations,” he says. “And over the last seven  days, we have not deployed any officers in riot gear.”

O’Connor also said the Police Department was recently re-accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies, which holds departments to high standards. “The data required for CALEA review shows the FPD has not discharged a weapon as a use of force  in the last four years,” he said.

Both Mayor O’Connor and Acting Police Chief Patrick Grossman have condemned the death of George Floyd allegedly at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. Grossman said it’s contrary to the practices of police departments  around the country.

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen are scheduled to hold a Workshop on the Police Department on Wednesday, June 24th. O’Connor says Acting Chief Grossman will be there to answer questions from elected officials and citizens.

“We are still meeting virtually during this reopening phase. But we have the opportunity for you to submit your questions to the Mayor, the Board of Aldermen and the Police Chief in a public, on-line forum before and during the meeting,” says Mayor O’Connor.


By Kevin McManus