Frederick County Board of Education To Discuss School Resource Officer Program This Week

Officers are assigned to schools to provide security, and bond with students.



Frederick, Md (KM) The six Frederick Police Officers who participate in the School Resource Officer program don’t just provide law enforcement services. They also act as mentors and  role models. That’s according to Sergeant Rebecca Carrado, whose in charge of the program for the Frederick Police Department.

She says officers work on the playgrounds and help with lunch duties. They can also be there for the children in difficult situations. “And we will have on occasion where detectives need to come into the building to speak a child. And I’ve had a particular child come and get me, and sit on my lap and ‘I want you there with me.’ ‘Don’t leave me.’ ‘I will talk to these people, but I know you,'” Sergeant Carrado says.

There are even some touching times. “One day, I had a student leaving with their grandfather. The student came up and gave me a hug goodbye. And I gave him a hug. And the grandfather said ‘boy that’s a white woman. You don’t touch her.’ ‘But grandpa that’s Officer Rebecca and we had lunch today.’ So that was very special to me,”:: said Sergeant Carrado.

The Frederick Police provide School Resource Officers for the elementary and middle schools in the city of Frederick.  The Sheriff’s Office provides deputies for the high schools.

The Board of Ed will discuss the School Resource Officer Program during a meeting on Wednesday which begins at 3:00 PM.



By Kevin McManus