Senator Michael Hough Has Concerns About Future Police Funding


Defund the Police is a movement gaining strength, even in Maryland

Frederick, MD (RD) Even some local demonstrators are starting to call for defunding the police. Because of this, State Senator Michael Hough has real concerns when next year’s State Legislature begins.

The Senator says, “It is unfortunate that the defund the police effort is becoming an legitimate thing. You even have the Mayor of New York who has just cut a billion dollars from the NYPD budget. I am sure there will be elements of the General Assembly that will look to defund the police.”

Hough is especially concerned because of continual efforts by some lawmakers in the state to take guns form law-abiding citizens.

The Senator is concerned a strange outcome might occur. He says, “The same group of people who want to disarm law abiding citizens are the same who want to defund the police. So it literally leaves the only people left with firearms would be the criminals.”

Hough has no problems with people who want to express their grievances with government in a peaceful manner. He does have issues with the few who resort to violence and destruction to make their ideas known.