Tax Filing Deadline This Week


The deadline was extended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



Annapolis, Md (KM) The three-month extension to file Maryland State Income Taxes is coming to an end this week. All those returns need to be filed by Wednesday, July 15th.

Comptroller Peter Franchot says the deadline was extended from April 15th due to the coronavirus pandemic. “We wanted to leave billions of dollars in tax payments at the disposal of Maryland families and individuals and small businesses,” he says. “The pandemic was wreaking a lot of havoc, and we wanted them to have a 90-day forbearance on paying their taxes.”

Franchot says if you can’t pay, you can file an extension to October 15th. But you need to pay an estimated amount of what you believe you owe to the state. “And even if you can’t pay anything, just send us a note so that we know you’re out there, whatever the circumstances are, unable to pay, and we will work with you,” he says.

Franchot   says he knows a lot of taxpayers are dealing with economic hardships brought on by the coronavirus. “It’s a lot of pressure on people, and then we have the unemployment situation. We don’t want to make life more difficult. We don’t want to make it more of a burden. But we need to be in touch with you,” he says.

In the past, local branch offices  of the Comptroller’s Office had personnel who would be able to help you with your taxes if you brought in a completed federal return. But Franchot says because of the COVID-19 pandemic, anyone who needs in-person help with their taxes needs to call ahead of time, and make an appointment. The number is 1-800-MD-Taxes (637-2937), or go on line to [email protected]. The Comptroller’s Office says its branch offices in Frederick. Baltimore and Upper Marlboro are closed until further notice. .

Comptroller Franchot says he expects a lot of tax returns to come in by July 15th. “We’re down about 20%, that 700,000 returns,” he says. “So we’re going to get a lot of returns come July 15th.”


By Kevin McManus