Audit Of The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Participation In 287g Program Released

Auditors notes some costs not reimbursed by ICE.                                                                         



Frederick, Md (KM) The audit report on the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office’s participation in the 287g program has been released. It was done by the accounting firm of CliftonLarson Allen LLP in Baltimore.

The report points out the incremental costs when it comes deputies traveling to take part in training in which includes overtime and related fringe benefits, fuel and use of county-owned vehicles, meals and hotel rooms not reimbursed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “While the agreement indicates ICE may reimburse travel, training, and per Diem expenses, we did not identify any expense reimbursements and cost recoveries associated with the 287(g) agreement,” the report says.

The Sheriff’s Office signed an agreement in 2016 with the US Department of Homeland Security to take part in this program. When suspects are arrested by deputies and brought to the Adult Detention Center, trained personnel can determine their immigration status. If they’re here illegally, they can be turned over to ICE, and could be deported

As of September 30th, 2019, 19 officers had been trained and certified by ICE under the 287g program, according to the report.

The company says incremental costs associated with the Sheriff’s Office participation in the program vary depending upon which overtime scenario is used. Under one based on the Sheriff’s Office scheduling process, the amount is $8,995. Under another scenario, where overtime incurred by ICE training, the amoutn if $21,421.

The audit report will be presented to the County Council during virtual meeting on Wednesday, July 22nd at 5:00 PM.

The audit of the 287g program was ordered earlier this year by County Executive Jan Gardner.



By Kevin McManus