COVID-19 Cases Increase In Frederick County Among Young People

Deaths have remained the same for a few weeks.                                                                                                                          



Frederick, Md (KM) The number of deaths in Frederick County from the COVID-19 pandemic has remained at 113 for past few weeks. That’s according to the Health Department, which reports the number of coronavirus cases as of Tuesday afternoon is 2,785, an increase of 47 from the day before.

It also says Frederick County hasn’t seen a large jump in the number of COVID-19 cases requiring hospitalizations. But a couple-day trend has shown a greater percentage of people testing positive for the coronavirus. In the current week, the percentage of positive coronavirus cases in persons age ten to 19 has gone from 11% to 23%.

While most young people may not need hospital care if they contract COVID-19, the Health Department says they are capable to spreading the virus to others  who could be at greater risk of hospitalization or death. No matter what your age, health officials urge you to wear a mask in public, wash their hands frequently, and keep six-feet or more away from other people.

The Health Department says Frederick County’s seven-day positivity rate is 3.3%. . That’s the percentage of people testing positive out of all of those who were tested over a seven-day period.



By Kevin McManus