Frederick County Receiving A More Than $132,000 Federal Grant

The money will be used to purchase additional personal protective equipment.                                                      


Frederick, Md (KM) Frederick County is receiving $132,080.99 from in federal grant money. Tom Coe, the Chief of the Division of Fire and Rescue Services, says the money will be combined with $13,209. in county funds   to purchase additional personal protective equipment.  The total amount is more than $145,000.

“That money equates to the expense of 90 days worth of gowns, gloves, eye protection face shields and respirators for our responders,” Chief Coe says.

This protective gear is worn by fire fighters and medics to protect them from COVID-19 when they answer emergency calls.

Coe says it’s been a challenge purchasing PPE during the coronavirus pandemic. “This money is great. The biggest challenge for us will be making sure that we can get the product in. So we’re working to get it ordered for reputable manufacturers who can make good on their promises of delivery,:”: he says.

Fire and rescue personnel are competing with medical professionals in trying to secure an adequate supply of PPE.

Chief Coe says Frederick County is working to obtain these supplies in case a second wave of the coronavirus hits Frederick County this fall. But he also says the county is getting ready if that happens. “All of our providers are doing wellness checks and temperature checks as they report to work for their shift. And we are ready if this event flares  back up into a second wave of the virus,” he says.

The federal funding comes from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Assistance to Fire Fighters–COVID-19 Supplemental program.


By Kevin McManus