Frederick County Council Accepts the Audit of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Participation In The 287-G Program

Sheriff Jenkins said the audit was a waste of time

Frederick, Md. (DG) – On Wednesday evening the Frederick County Council held a meeting to discuss the audit of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office participation in the 287-G Program with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The council members and Sheriff Chuck Jenkins accepted the findings of audit of the program as accurate and the council acknowledged due to state law, they don’t have the authority to end the program.

The 287-G is a federal program which allows correctional officers to determine the immigration status of suspects arrested by deputies and brought to the Detention Center for processing. If they’re here illegally, they could be turned over to Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement, and can be deported.

The audit says there were incremental costs related training, such as travel expenses, use of county vehicles, gasoline, meals and lodging for correctional officers. The report said under one scenario, the costs were $9.000; under another, the costs were $21,000.

County Executive Jan Gardner ordered the audit earlier this year. Jenkins said the audit was a waste of time.