Frederick County Leveraging Two Properties For Affordable Housing Projects

Developers are invited to submit bids.                                                                                                             


Frederick, Md (KM) If you’re a developer who interested in building affordable housing, Frederick County wants to hear from your. County Executive Jan Gardner says the county is accepting requests for proposals on two, county-owned properties. They are a 10-acre plot at Sebastian Court and Route 26 in Dearbought, and a 4.5-acre parcel on Alan Linton Boulevard next to Tuscaroroa Elementary School.

Gardner says the goal is to increase the supply of affordable housing in the county. . “Preference will be given to proposals that are designed and designated as affordable housing either for seniors or workforce housing that provide below market rental or below market housing options,” she says

“We’ll also give preference to proposals that include environmentally friendly features, energy efficiencies, and activities based and certain services for the residents,” Gardner continues. “Ideally, the proposed proposals will blend in with existing neighborhoods, and we’ll certainly make sure they’re a public process of each of these.”

Proposals will be accepted through August 30th. The full Request for Proposals is available on line at “And I’m optimistic that by offering this land for affordable housing to developers, we can achieve some deeply reduced rental or housing rates,” says Gardner.

The County used a similar process a few years ago and was able to have the building at 520 North Market Street converted in 59 apartment units, many with below market rates.

“All of this aligns with the Livable Frederick master plan goal to ensure housing options are available and accessible for people of varying income levels who want to live, work, raise a family and retire in Frederick County,”: Gardner says. “And it aligns with our efforts for fairness and equity to ensure that people have access and the opportunity for safe and affordable housing.”


By Kevin McManus