Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Waiting For Decision On How Schools Will Open

That will determine how School Resource Officers are assigned.                                                                 


Frederick, Md (KM) The Frederick County Board of Education is expected next week to decide on how to reopen schools this fall. And that will determine how the Sheriff’s Office will assigned its School Resource Officers.

Schools across Maryland have been closed since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the State Superintendent of Schools has given each school district the option of how they want to reopen in the fall.

The local Board of Education has a few options: one of which is a hybrid model. That would divide students at each school in cohorts. One cohort would attend classes in the school buildings on Mondays and Tuesdays, and continue their lessons on line Wednesday through Friday. A second cohort would take their lessons on line Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but attend classes on Thursday and Friday. Schools would close on Wednesday so maintenance crews can deep clean the buildings

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins says his agency will deploy deputies in the schools under a hybrid model, but  would extend the hours these law enforcement officers are in the schools. “And it will provide a little better coverage for kids coming back and forth to school, school transportation, and in the neighborhoods, as the kids  get out, the deputies will have a little more coverage in those communities,” he said.

The Board of Education could also adopt a virtual learning plan, where school buildings are closed, and students receive their lessons on line. Jenkins says he will look for ways to deploy those deputies in the schools’ communities. “So instead being in the schools, we’re looking at how can we provide that blanket, that coverage, that we would have provided in the school out in the community, out in the neighborhoods. So we’re looking at how to do that, and we’ll probably deploy our SRO’s in those school communities,”: he said.

Sheriff Jenkins was a guest recently on WFMD”s “Success Happens.”

The Board of Education is expected to make its decision on August 5th.


by Kevin McManus