Frederick Aldermen Discuss Equity Resolution

It would require the city to consider equity in all its actions..


Frederick, Md (KM) There was plenty of discussion Wednesday by the Frederick Board of Aldermen on a resolution making equity a fundamental principle.

The measure calls on the city to consider equity when developing policies, delivering programs and services, and enacting legislation. Alderwoman Kelly Russell, whose sponsoring the resolution, says this resolution builds on past actions by the city, including the recent vote by the Board of AldermenĀ  declaring racism a public health crisis. “This resolution solidifies that past work,” she said. “But also calls on this and future administrations to recognize equity as a fundamental value, and look at all of our actions through the lens of equity.”

But Russell said this resolution does not favor one group of people other another. “This is equity as a fundamental value. Not racial equity, or age equity or disability equity. It is equity across all walks of life in everything we do,” she said.

Alderman Ben MacShane :offered his praise for the measure. “I think this could be another great step toward really committing our future to be as uplifting and inclusive as possible,” he said.

His colleague, Alderman Roger Wilson, expressed support. “I like the idea of looking across our enterprise, our government, our entire government, looking for ways that we can improve in this area,” he said.

One section calls for a comprehensive “review of city documents to consider and account for equity impact and remedy those deficiencies.” Alderwoman Donna Kuzemchak said this is significant. . “This is all encompassing. This is taking a look at the City Charter. This is taking a look at pronouns,” she said. “:But to me that is equity. Saying ‘he’ every time is a problem for me. So I think we’re talking about a lot of different things that we need to be looking at. i just want us to understand that we’re committing to do this.”

Mayor Michael O’Connor said he will scheduled this resolution for a public hearing in the future.


By Kevin McManus