More Details Available On Frederick County’s COVID-19 Website

It will include more than the number of confirmed cases & deaths.                                                      


Frederick, Md (KM) Interested citizens can find more information on how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting Frederick County. In addition to the total number of confirmed cases and deaths, the Health Department will be releasing data on the impacts the coronavirus is having based on race, ethnicity, gender and age.

Dr. Barbara Brookmyer says the virus is having a more severe impact on the White population as opposed to Black people and Asians. “A majority of those cases and deaths have been in the White race,” she said. “We see that the deaths are disproportionately impacting the White population in Frederick. And we are closely watching the information we have for the Black population in Frederick County.

But she noted that this information may not be complete. Dr. Brookmyer said sometimes medical workers and lab personnel mark the race of a patient as “unknown.” She say knowing a patient’s race is important. “We have an interest that we are reaching our population equitably, and that’s one of the ways that we try to measure how well we are doing in that area,” say Dr. Brookmyer.

“We are asking for the health care providers out there, when they’re filling out the lab slip–whether that’s the paper lab slip or the online lab slip–to please enter that information,” Dr. Brookmyer continues

The data  also shows  there are more confirmed cases and deaths from COVID-19 among the non-Hispanic population as opposed to Hispanic citizens. And more females have contracted and died from the coronavirus compared to males.

“We are starting to the majority of cases being in that 30 and under age group,” says Dr. Brookmyer. “And then we look at deaths, that’s where the deaths have been in the 60 and over age group.”

The public can view these statistics by going online to Dr Brookmyer says these statistics will be updated each Wednesday.


By Kevin McManus