Saint John’s Regional Catholic School Opening the School Year With a Five Day school Week.

Instruction will be face to face or virtual starting August 31st.


Frederick, Md (RD)  With the new school year approaching, some schools such as Saint John’s Regional Catholic School have been planning to re-open to students with face to face instruction five days a week. Principal Dr. Annette Jones discusses some things staff are doing to keep the school a ‘clean’ learning environment.

” We are looking at having sprays and protectants  in our facility. We are looking at how we are arranging our desks and minimizing extra furniture in our classrooms..” Dr. Jones says.

She also says  there are more changes to their operation than just adjusting desks for social distancing and adding video cameras to each classroom.

“We certainly want to encourage frequent hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer where appropriate. The other notable item is that teachers will rotate classrooms and the students will not be rotating,” says Dr. Jones.

Parents were sent a survey over the summer and asked about the options of sending students to school or teaching virtually, So far the returned surveys indicate that a majority of parents prefer  face to face instruction.

The school will open to students on Monday August 31st for face to face instruction and  for virtual learning.



By Bob Dacey