Some Frederick County School System Employees To Be Laid Off

They’re expected to be notified on Thurs.                                                                            


Frederick, Md (KM) Some Frederick County Public School System Employees are losing their jobs. Board of Education President Brad Young says some Food and Nutrition, and Transportation workers, including some bus drivers, will be laid off. He says it’s due to students taking classes virtually this year to help protect them and others from the COVID-19 virus, and the School System doesn’t need them.

Young hopes they will be hired back when school buildings are reopened to students. “The Board feels very strongly that we want to take care of our employees and we highly valued them,” he said. “And we certainly anticipate when this is over, that we’re going to need a lot of those positions back.”

In an e-mail to school system employees  which was forwarded to WFMD News, workers were told that the affected employees will be notified on Thursday, August 13th.

Even though these workers are being laid off, the School System will continue paying for their health insurance. “What we’re looking at is an opportunity where our employees will continue their benefits but would be able to apply for other programs through unemployment and other services they could get while not working for FCPS.” he said.

“In excess of 500 employees” are affected by these layoffs, according to Young.

He also says it was  a difficult decision letting people go. “We feel very strongly about our support employees and the services that they provide to our students and to our school system,” he says. “Nonetheless, when there’s not work that’s available, it;s hard to justify continuing to pay employees when there’s no work there.”

The School System says it will working with the Frederick Association of School Support Employees (FASSE) to develop a memorandum of understanding on the support which will be given to these workers who are being laid off.



By Kevin McManus