Meals-To-Go To Start On Aug. 31st For Frederick County Public Schools

Breakfast & lunches will be available Mon, Wed & Fri. of each week.                                                                                    


Frederick Md (KM) The Meals to Go program will be starting up on Monday, August 31st in Frederick County Public Schools, which is the first day of virtual schooling. The School System says the “to-go” breakfasts and lunches will be available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM at 26 local public schools.

The schools where “meals to go” will be available are:

Ballenger Creek Elementary;

Brunswick Elementary;

Butterfly Ridge Elementary;

Centerville Elementary;

Emmitsburg Elementary;

Glade Elementary;

Hillcrest Elementary;

Lincoln Elementary;

Monocacy Elementary;

North Frederick Elementary;

New Market Elementary:

Oakdale Elementary;

Orchard Grove Elementary;

Spring Ridge Elementary;

Sugarloaf Elementary;

Twin Ridge Elementary;

Waverley Elementary;

Whittier Elementary;

Brunswick Middle;

Crestwood Middle;

Thurmont Middle;

Windsor Knolls Middle;

Frederick High;

Gov. Thomas Johnson High;

Middletown High;

and Walkersville High.

School kitchens will be closed on Labor Day, Monday, September 7th, but the “meals to go” will be available the next day.

Students who are eligible for free meals will not have to pay for breakfast and lunch, while students who are eligible for reduced price meals will be required to pay the reduced price in order to get their meals. Students who are not eligible for either program will pay full price.

The meals are available to all children enrolled in a Frederick County Public School. It’s not necessary for a parent or guardian to be present to obtain meals for their children.

Community members are reminded to follow social distancing and face covering rules when picking up meals.

For more information, go on line to, or call 301-644-5061.

The breakfast and lunch to go program operates under the National School Breakfast Program, and the National School Lunch Program.



By Kevin McManus