Maryland Observing National Recovery Month


It encourage citizens to support residents trying to recover from addictions.

Annapolis, Md (KM) Recovery from substance abuse is possible, but it’s not easy. That’s according to the Executive Director of the Maryland Opioid Operational Command Center, Steve Schuh. “But with determination and the proper support, people can recover,:” says Schuh. “There is absolutely hope, and there is absolutely recovery.”

Maryland, like many states, is observing September as National Recovery Month. The motto for this year is “Recovery: Pass It On; Keep It Going.” “Once a person enters into recovery, we have to make sure as a state that we have the support systems in place to help that person maintain their recovery effort because it’s long, it’s hard and it’s for life,” says Schuh.

One of highlights of National Recovery Month are some “selfie” videos submitted by people who are in recovery, and leaders in the behavioral health field. . “These videos will essentially be a forum for Marylanders to demonstrate that recovery is not only achievable, but the state strongly supports,” says Schuh.

He also says recovery month should be a time for residents to support their fellow citizens who may be struggling to stay sober. “Recovery is a life long effort,” says Schuh. “It’s a program that somebody has to work and to stick with. That’s why it’s important that we all lock arms and support those people who have had the courage to enter into to recovery and are trying to regain their lives.”

For those who are substance abusers and need help, they can begin the process by calling 211, and then press the number 1. The call is free.