Grant Awarded To Habitat For Humanity Of Frederick County


The money will be used to finish construction of a home in Middletown.

Frederick, Md (KM) A $15,000 grant has been awarded to Habitat for Humanity of Frederick County. Executive Director Ron Cramer says the money comes from the Wells Fargo Foundation, and will be used to complete home under construction.

He says Wells Fargo has provided funding in the past to help build homes. “In the past, they’ve helped us build a couple of homes here in Frederick County,” Cramer says. “Wells Fargo has been a great partner to use a number of years.”

The family being help is working, but can’t afford to purchase a home in Frederick County. Cramer says Habitat for Humanity runs into that quite a bit. “The ALICE report that the United Way puts out tells us that almost 40% of our people who live and work here in Frederick County can’t afford to do actually do that,” he said. “So they’re giving things in their household like quality food on their table, health care, school supplies, things for their kids for education.”

“They re giving up something to have a descent home to live in,” he continues.

Cramer says work on the home began earlier this year, but was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’ve been very fortunate to have Mark Lancaster and his group up there helping to finish up the house being as we’re not using volunteers during the COVID–most of our volunteers are a little older and so we’ve not been using them at this point in time. It will really us complete the house,” he says.

Right now, Cramer says, the work is getting near completion. “We’re in our final stages of construction. S o probably about a month, a month-and-a-half time, it should be completed,” he said. “We’re in that finish work stage,and finish work costs time and money.”

Finish work includes such chores as bringing in appliances and installing kitchen cabinets.

“It’s always exciting times when we can turn the key over to a home of a family that is deserving, has worked hard, lives and works here and just can’t afford it,” says Cramer. “To see them get their dreams come true is a great thing.”