Frederick Health Hospice Finds Creative Ways To Provide Services During The COVID-19 Pandemic


They are continuing their mission of helping those facing end of life situations.


Frederick, Md (KM) Non-profit organizations, such as Frederick Health Hospice, have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. But Executive Director Carlos Graveron says the organization will continue to provide comfort, hope dignity for patients facing the end of their lives due to a terminal illness or other reasons.

“We’ve made every effort to try to keep things as normal as possible while still protecting not only the safety of our staff, but of the patients as well,” he said. “We don’t want to become a conduit for passing this illness on to anyone else.”

In addition to the Klein House in Mount Airy, Graveron says Hospice also serves patients outside of that facility, such as in their homes, and nursing homes. But because nursing homes have been hot spots for the coronavirus, Graveron says it’s not possible to enter nursing homes right now. “As you know, nursing facilities have been hit very hard by the pandemic. Due to that, they’ve become very, very restrictive in terms of access to patients there because they want to limit the possibility of spreading COVID-19 to their residents. So we’re barred  from many facilities, currently.”

But Hospice has found ways to accomplish its mission and still practice social distancing. Recently, he says Hospice Staff  put on a presentation for a veteran to honor that man for serving his country. “It was conducted on his front porch rather than going into his home. And our staff was wearing the appropriate protective equipment. So that continues,” Graveron says.

And the music therapy program continues, but virtually. “We’ve got a short video clip actually on our website of our music therapist in full PPE garb, playing guitar and singing for one of our patients,” he says.

In addition to patients, Graveron says Hospice works with the families as they deal with the impending loss of a loved one.

For more information on Hospice, call 240-566-3030.


By Kevin McManus