MSP Helicopter Based In Frederick Assists With Mountain Rescue In Washington County

It lifted a hiker who had fallen at the Weaverton Cliffs.                                                             



Hagerstown, Md (KM) A hiker was rescued on Sunday afternoon in Washington County with the assistance of the Maryland State Police helicopter based in Frederick.

Authorities say one individual was hiking in a remote mountainous area on the Weaverton Cliffs when that person fell 20-feet down a steep embankment, and was unable to be moved. EMT’s from Washington and Frederick Counties were dispatched, and were able to provide initial care to the patient.

They asked for a helicopter to fly that person to a trauma center. The State Police chopper based at Frederick Municipal Airport responded and was positioned about 95-feet above the hiker and EMT’s. The patient was successfully lifted out, and flown to a nearby hospital.

A State Police Rescue Technician, who was lowered down from the helicopter to assist  the patient, provided medical care while the aircraft was en route to the hospital. .



By Kevin McManus